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Voigt & Co offers comprehensive residential design services to include full-scale renovations, remodeling, color and finish consultations, space planning & furniture layouts, lighting packages, and in-depth project management.

Custom Home Improvement Plans


At Voigt & Co, we take the guesswork out of the renovation process.  We begin with a walk-through in order to create a personalized custom home improvement plan. Our home improvement plans are unique to each home and zero in on updates for a fresh look that are a true reflection of our client's taste and lifestyle. 



Voigt & Co works with an extensive list of talented and reliable vendors to address all home renovation needs. Whether your home needs full-scale renovations or just a simple refresh, we provide comprehensive services. We will meet with vendors at your property to provide a detailed scope of costs and prepare a budgetary spreadsheet.  Your budget is our priority!  


Project Management


Voigt & Co will make sure your project runs smoothly and finishes on-time! Our team is dedicated to managing the home remodeling process from beginning-to-end. We organize the order of vendor work, start and finish dates and access for vendors at the property. We also serve as liaisons between property owners and vendors to ensure each party stays informed throughout the process. 


Procurement of Materials


Voigt & Co are experts at choosing materials that will create a Wow-Factor!  From paint color selections, flooring updates, lighting packages and more, we know what will stand the test-of-time and bring your vision to life! 

Design & Furnishing


Capturing our client's true personality is what we do best! Our detailed, methodical approach to the design process ensures each space feels warm and inviting. Our attention to detail will make your home feel like you! 




At the end of each project our talented photography team will capture images of your newly designed spaces. We offer customized portfolio books profiling your beautiful home. Through careful space planning and collaboration with our photography team, we make sure each space is nothing less than picture-perfect.

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