What are home sales concierge services?

Voigt & Co is a Full Service Home Sale Concierge Company dedicated to preparing homes for sale and the short-term vacation rental market. We offer custom home improvement plans to maximize sales price and have an extensive list of preferred vendors to address all aspects of preparing a home the market. We make the process easy, for both homeowners and real estate agents, by providing a detailed guide of recommendations, vendor estimates, project management, procurement of materials, renovations, design, staging, stylizing, furnishing and photography. Our comprehensive approach makes us a one-stop-destination for home sale preparation.

Why should I update my home before putting it on the market?

Updating your home before going on the market will garner more interest in your listing, reduce days on market and put more money in your pocket! Call it the “HGTV effect” but buyers are not looking for a fixer-upper these days. What they are looking for instead, are move-in-ready homes that are current, fresh and appealing. Not only do updated homes sell up to 80% faster than non-updated properties they sell for significantly more money! Not all updates are created equal! Our team is very experienced in identifying specific updates that are cost effective but will resonate positively with buyers. We work smarter to make sure you get top dollar without breaking the bank!

How long will it take to prepare my home for the market?

We make the process of preparing a home for the market as efficient and stress-free as possible! On average it takes 3 weeks for our team to fully prepare a home for the market. This process includes updates as well as staging or fully furnishing your home.

Do I need to find my own vendors?

We have an extensive list of reliable vendors to address every aspect of preparing a home for the market. We do not mandate use of a specific vendor and are happy to work with any vendors of your choice. However, we work with vendors who will make your property a priority, are dependable and competitively priced.

Do I need to be present for vendor appointments?

It is not necessary for you to be present during vendor appointments. We will notify you of necessary appointments but will manage the vendors on your behalf. We serve as a liaison between you and the vendors and will provide a personal point-of-contact to keep you updated throughout the process.

What if I live in a different State than the property I intend on putting on the market?

Our team has extensive experience in working on homes that are unoccupied and require more hands-on-mangement. If a homeowner can’t, or simply does not wish, to be intimately involved in the home preparation process, we are there to ensure your project runs smoothly from start-to-finish. You will have a personal-point-of-contact who will send status updates on the property and can be reached daily with any questions or concerns.

Can you fully furnish and stock my Short-term vacation rental?

We provide “Turn-Key” service for our short-term vacation rental properties. This includes fully furnishing as well as stocking your property to accommodate your guests. We will work in tandem with your designated property management company to make sure your home meets their required standards for both furnishings and wares.