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Voigt & Co was created by Tara Voigt who has a passion for making a house feel like home. 


Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home getting through the process isn't always that easy! Tara makes this process stress-free by providing a detailed plan of action and management of the project from beginning-to-end. Her communication and attention to detail sets her apart in her industry. Most importantly at the end of the project, clients have a home that is a true reflection of them and a place they want to live in!


Not all updates are created equal and Tara has extensive knowledge of how to capture a client's vision in the most cost-effective manner.  Her priority is to keep projects on time and on budget without compromising her client's goals.  


Tara has a Masters in Psychology which helps her in working closely and delicately with homeowners through the renovation process. Her skillful communication with homeowners and vendors eliminates delays, frustration and confusion often present during the home update process. Tara works collaboratively with homeowners and vendors to ensure their properties get the attention they deserve without the typical stress and hassle! 

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